Know the Reasons Why It is Safe to Travel in Bali?

Corona Virus is spreading in more than 28 Countries and death over 600 people approximately.

With tens of thousands of people considered affected, countries around the world are intensifying their travel advice to avoid new outbreaks. Indonesia is one of the few countries that have not reported any cases of coronavirus, while Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea have increasing numbers.

Best Travel advice for all regions of Asia is given below:

Is it safe to travel to Bali?

The latest advice gives to the British tourist heading to Indonesia has warned that the flights have been suspended from the country to China. However, there are no reported threats of coronavirus in Bali.


Bali immigration has also denied entry to 17 tourists who want to enter in the Bali who had been to China, as anyone who visited within the past 14 days is banned.

Bali Government also stated that, after the Outbreak, Bali is ready to welcome and accommodate the visitors all over the world. This is due to the good monitoring and handling system employed by the Province.

“Bali is indeed very safe and ready to welcome foreign visitors. As always, Bali will provide world-class tourism products, and of more importance is the high hospitality of the People that you cannot find anywhere because it is genuinely based on Balinese local culture. No reason to worry at all” so says the governor.