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Bali- The temple capital..

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Bali is one of the oldest islands with human habitation. It has many places to visit such as it's beautiful sandy beaches, rice paddies, coral reef's, volcanoes and so on !! But did you know Bali has one of the highest number of temple's in the world which are truly very magnificent with it's comprehensive & thorough architecture. Local Balinese people have tremendous respect & love for their god & temples. Below are few handpicked and generations old temples that might interest everyone:

Besakih- Mother temple of Bali

It is the most important temple in all of Bali. It is a temple complex made up of 23 temples of which Pura Penataran Agung is the most important. The Besakih temple complex is situated on the slopes of Mount Agung and was built roughly 2000 years ago.

Tanah Lot temple

Tanah lot means land in the Sea in Balinese language. It is known to have sacred water inside of it & is a very popular tourism spot.

This temple is located on the coastal side of Beraban countryside. This temple is built on rock and it is just 20-meter form coastal line. This is one of the most popular tourist places in Bali. You can get the local handmade accessories at the entrance gate of the temple.

Goa Gajah ( Elephant Cave Temple )

It is located near Ubud area in Bali. It was built in the 9th century. It has both Hindu & Buddhist imagery. The temple is characterised by menacing faces that are carved into the stone – whose purpose is assumed to be the warding off of evil spirits.

Ulun Danu Beratan temple ( The floating temple )

It is located on the shores of Bratan lake in the mountain's near Bedugul. It is in the middle of the river. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, you can find it's picture on one of Indonesia's money bill's! It is an iconic temple and is also known as the floating temple.

Batukaru Temple

Batu karu temple is located on the slope of Mount Batukaru. The temple's most important shrine is the seven-tiered meru. You will find a lot of other temple's in Bali!! But the above one's are the most important.

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple

This temple is located Uluwatu of South Kuta. it is locally known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Bali. You can see an attractive view of the Indian Ocean from this location. The best attraction of this temple is to watch Kecak and fire dance. This dance performance is based on the story of Ramayan.

Taman Ayun Temple
Taman Ayun Teple

This temple is located in Mengwi village 18-km from Denpasar town. This temple is surrounded by a big fish pond. It has a beautiful garden. People love to visit this temple because of its historic design. This temple was built in the 17th century.

Goa Lawah Temple
Goa Lawah Temple

This temple is located on the southern coast of Bali. This temple is built around caves. Goa Lawah Temple is also called Bat Cave Temple. The best time to visit this temple is in the morning when most of the local and nearby villagers come for their daily prayers. At the entrance, you will see two large banyan trees that add to the beauty of the temple.

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