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" Discover Paradise Island around Bali "

Go island hopping at Nusa Islands

Find three of the islands simply off the edge of Bali. Lead to Nusa Lembongan to find the unadulterated, regular joys as opposed to the rich shopping valuable open doors you can get in Bali.

Get to Nusa Penida to find the most awesome jumping spot on the archipelago of Lesser Sunda Islands. dmc for bali

Take a boat to Nusa Ceningan and find particular and disconnected sea shores. All islands are near Bali, and they became popular for island jumping swashbuckler.

Spend the week-end at the Gili Islands

  • Party in Trawangan

The biggest of the three Gili Islands, Trawangan is famous for its full moon party where local people come all together to party the entire evening. An incredible spot for those need to grow their cognizance and find Indonesian nightlife.

  • Go to Meno for the perfect honeymoon

Meno is the calmest and littlest of the three Islands. It is the ideal spot to bring your exceptional one and rest for two days. The tranquility and the white sandy ocean side are making it a little paradise on the planet.b2b bali services

  • Chill in the Air

Gili Air is a mix of Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. It is a perfect place to rest, do a little bit of snorkeling and finish the day at a beach club. Not renowned for its party atmosphere, Gili Air is more a place to relax.

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