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" Enjoy Bali Breathing Views " Complete Natural Weather

Hike on Mount Batur

Mount Batur is the main climbable spring of gushing lava on the Island and gives dynamite perspectives on Lake Batur and the sea. Situated on the North West of Bali, this dynamic spring of gushing lava, is one of the most incredible spots to watch a supernatural dawn. Put your climbing shoes on and let tested guide show you this delightful spot. Dmc For Bali

Try Paragliding at Timbis Beach

Have you at any point needed to fly like a falcon? With paragliding, you will get an elevated perspective over the mind blowing excellence of the entire island. Arrive at Timbis Beach and witness Bali best scenes from the sky!

Set yourself in a nest

Climb the tree and settle in this home and begin appreciating one of the most stunning perspectives on the rich woodland of Bali Island. Laying in this home will cause you to feel like a bird, however be cautious you don't have wings! B2b Bali services

Bonus – Swing over the Balinese Jungle

Searching for the best occasion picture? Found simply a 30-minute drive from Ubud, you can track down perhaps of Bali's most Instagram able fascination: The Bali Swing. Play on a swing on the slopes and respect the most stunning perspective on Bali.

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