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"Enjoy the Balinese Lifestyle" beach , club , party , night life "

Experience the best beach clubs in the island

  • Karma Beach club

Karma Beach Bali is Karma Kandara's universally famous ocean front scene, hoisting laid-back, jetset style higher than ever. With the comfortable ocean side seats, relaxed tunes, and tasty food that is where Bali's powerful ocean side clubs will make you foam. Dmc for bali

  • Finn’s Beach Club

Finn's Beach Club is a stylish home base presently situated at Berawa Beach in Canggu. On the facade of Berawa surf break, you can laze away the day in the sun from the solace of single and twofold daybeds. It has secured itself quickly among the nearby and traveler swarm. A should do in Bali to take the aperitive in a happy environment.

  • Potato Head

Who doesn't see the value in an early evening time relaxing by the pool, sunbathing and having a beverage or two with chill tunes behind the scenes? Settling an enormous site on the esteemed stretch of Seminyak ocean front, the Potato Head ocean side club is currently planned like a stadium by the acclaimed designer Andra Matin.B2b Bali services

Party in Seminyak

Assuming that you are searching for certain spots to party in Bali, go to Seminyak - home of the greatest clubs in the island.

  • Jenja

Jenja Bali is a late-night party scene in Seminyak with super slick insides spread out over its two stories. It has quite possibly of the best Dj in Asia.

  • Mirror

Situated on Seminyak's primary Petitenget course, Mirror Bali is a Gothic themed club and one of the trendiest club in Seminyak. Partake in an extraordinary soundsystem with shocking style and party until morning.

  • La Favela

Situated in the core of Seminyak, La Favela is a superb spot for food with a plenty of decisions and to play around with fabulous style and extraordinary music. Advance inside, through a tight, dull rear entryway, to turn out in a colossal, wilderness ish garden, and find a definitive Balinese nightlife! Dmc for bali

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