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" Learn and become a part of Bali local "

Take a silversmith class

Bali's tribes of gold and silversmiths have been making nitty gritty items for sanctuary treasures, ceremonies and fine adornments for a really long time. Take a class at Studio Perak to make your own silver ring, pendant, bangle or hoop. Dmc for bali

Prepare your own Perfume

The Perfume Workshop in Bali is a fabulous method for spending a Concoct your scent and make a one of a kind customized aroma in a tomfoolery and loosened up environment.

Learn how to cook Balinese food

Known for its common delectable dishes, Bali is one of the most mind-blowing spots to take some cooking class. Learn procedures and come out as comfortable with new spices, flavors, Organic and conventional fixings that make food wonderfully scrumptious with gifted and well disposed Instructors. Turn into your own Balinese gourmet specialist!

Learn how to make Batik

Time to get sly, Bali style! So what is Batik? It's a technique for delivering shaded plans on materials by coloring them. The most common way of making Bali Batik is exceptionally concentrated, the wax is either applied with a dainty bamboo pen or a stamp. Take a class at Nyoman Warta to find out about conventional Balinese Batik for three hours in Ubud and make your own material!

Make your own skin care product

Find out about the different rejuvenating ointments aromas, how to utilize fixings like cocoa margarine, coconut oil, and beeswax. At Learn With Locals, you will acquire the best neighborhood abilities! Make your own healthy skin cream, Be Unique! B2b Bali services

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