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How to increase profit on FIT customers? Tips for travel management companies.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This process starts once you finalize with your guest i.e. upon confirmation,If you are reading this then, Congrats !!!!! you are looking for profit on your already converted guest, Please keep in mind while increasing profit do not compromise with promised services.

1) Use local DMC and experience to give itinerary and costing.

2) If you are using ready cost sheet to give quotation then ask your supplier to give additional discount, as ready packages are made through standard process and it has scope to give you additional discount and this will help you to increase profit.

3) Suggest hotel / Resort to your guest which is promoted by your supplier because they have strong bonding with that property to offer good deals and services.

4) Always keep in touch with DMC and ask them for new promotions and updates.

5) Keep friendly relationship with sales executive who is handling your query, this soft corner may lead to take additional discount, mention her/his name in email specifically.

6) Please block hotel rooms on time-limit basis once your client is about to confirm to avoid non availability issues.

7) Give your customers names as per passport to confirm hotels because some guest may cross check with reservations about bookings, provide vouchers with confirmation number.

8) Request your DMC for free upgrades if any like welcome garland, Sim card etc. this small initiative leads to your company branding.

9) Provide list of “things to do in that specific sector’’ with cost if possible.

10) Your service totally depends upon your local DMC services. Prefer DMC who has skilled country representative.

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