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"Visa Information For Indonesia"


At present, all appearances into Indonesia should hold a visa. ASEAN residents can travel without visa, and for 60 identities, the Visa-On-Arrival has now been reestablished. Sightseers of any remaining identities can apply for the Single Entry B211 Visit e-Visa, which is, as a matter of fact, a traveler visa. dmc for Bali

The Following Types Of Tourist Visa Are Available:

E-Visa B211 for Tourism Visit.

Identities other than those qualified for a VOA (see list beneath) need to apply for B211A visa. Kelana DMC goes about as a mandatory support. Kelana DMC will issue such a visa for sightseers that have booked their whole game plan in Indonesia with the organization. Kindly, do reach out to us on or through your record director.

Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) Can Be Obtained At The Following Airports:

Ngurah Rai International Airport (Bali), Hang Nadim Intrenational Airport (Riau); Hasanuddin International Airport (South Sulawesi), Juanda International Airport (Surabaya); Kualanamu International Airport (Medan, North Sumatra), Sam Ratulangi International Airport (Manado, North Sulawesi), Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Jakarta), Yogyakarta International Airport (Yogyakarta), Zainuddin Abdul Madjid Lombok International Airport (Lombok).

Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) Is A Visa Issued Upon Arrival. You Need To Have A Passport Valid 6 Month After The Date Of Arrival In Indonesia.

Visa-On-Arrival (VOA) Can Be Obtained By Fully Vaccinated Travelers Of 51 Nationalities:

Australia, Austria, Argentina, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Czech, Croatia, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, East Timor, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordania, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norwegia, Oman, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, UK, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, B2b Bali services

Cost Of A Paid Visa-On-Arrival (VOA): IDR 500.000 (Approximately € 31 Or USD 34) Per Person, Payment On Arrival, Fee Is The Same For Adults And Children.

  • VOA entitles for a solitary Entry into Bali/Indonesia, a keep awake to 30 days and can be expanded once just for an additional 30 days, at the neighborhood Immigration Office (charges applied).

  • Installment conceivable by:

  • Visa Card, Master Card, Cash in IDR or unfamiliar money, unfamiliar monetary forms USD, EURO, GBP, SGD and others according to set swapping scale. dmc for Bali

Visa Fee Exemption Arrangement Applicable For Fully Vaccinated Travelers Of 9 Nationalities:

Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.



  • Passport validity min 6 months beyond entry date in Indonesia.

  • Applicant must have proof of return air flight ticket or a ticket to any destination out of Indonesia.


Arrival Test is only required for fully vaccinated travelers with symptoms of COVID infection and a body temperature above 37.4 °C (99.3 F).


  1. The people who have somewhere around two portions of COVID-19 antibody no less than 14 days before takeoff. with the exception of 1 x COVID-19 immunization, like Johnson and Johnson, Sputnik V or Convidicea (different circumstances apply).

  2. Printed duplicates of inoculation evidence or immunizations checked by the Peduli Lindungi application are viewed as verification of inoculation. An actual duplicate of an EU or WHO-supported COVID inoculation will be acknowledged.

  3. Kids: Children 17 years old or more youthful needn't bother with to be immunized and are qualified to enter Indonesia as long as their folks are completely inoculated. They are NOT expected to show COVID-19 inoculation verification for however long they are going with a completely immunized watchman.

  4. Unvaccinated/to some extent immunized including the people who have as of late recuperated from COVID face a compulsory 5-day/4-night quarantine.


  • Explorer should have evidence of movement protection covering COVID-19 and its connected costs, with a min of USD 25.000 protection inclusion per individual.

  • It is a choice to buy a nearby protection covering COVID-19 during your visit in Indonesia. It tends to be bought preceding takeoff online at It is acknowledged by the Indonesian government as mandatory protection covering both hospitalization and quarantine for 30 days as well as the expense of inn confinement in gentle cases at the reasonable cost of IDR 500.000 (around 0128 31 or USD 34) with inclusion up to IDR 500.000.000 (€ 31.000 or USD $34.000) per individual and is legitimate anyplace in Indonesia.


  • Register an electronic custom declation or e-CD ) at

  • Paper structures might in any case be accessible at the air terminal upon appearance, yet we emphatically recommend filling in the web-based structure, which will create QR code, and work with your appearance. B2b bali services


  • All worldwide appearances will go through a wellbeing check for side effects connected with COVID-19, including really taking a look at internal heat level. This is for the most part finished via programmed screening gear.

  • Assuming no side effects connected with COVID-19 are distinguished, and internal heat level is beneath 37.5 °C degrees, worldwide appearances can proceed with their itinerary items under the accompanying circumstances:

  1. Global appearances who have gotten the second or third portion of immunization somewhere around 14 days before flight are permitted to proceed with the excursion.

  2. Global appearances under 18 years will follow the arrangements forced on their folks or guardians/sidekicks.

  3. Global appearances with explicit wellbeing or comorbid conditions that have restricted the explorer from being immunized are permitted to proceed with their excursion by conveying a specialist's endorsement from an administration medical clinic in the nation of takeoff, expressing that the individual concerned couldn't be inoculated against COVID-19.

  4. In the event that internal heat level is higher than 37.5 °C, explorer will be PCR tried at an own expense.

  5. On the off chance that the PCR test result is negative, unfamiliar guests are permitted to proceed with their excursion;

  6. Assuming the RT-PCR test result is positive, the clinical group will choose if disconnection is required. Minor side effects will prompt a 5-day disengagement period at assigned confinement lodgings: Desa Pramana Swan or Hotel Max One Ubud. This rundown might be dependent on future developments. The explorer and his protection should take care of the expense of this system.

  7. The choice is made after an actual assessment by a clinical staff/specialist (paid by protection or by own costs). A negative PCR test result required on day 5, permits the explorer to proceed with their excursion on day 6. dmc for Bali


Foreign visitors must strictly follow the health protocols issued by the Indonesian government and followed by Indonesian citizens as well:

  • wear a mask at whatever point in a public space, in vehicles, fundamentally wherever out of your inn

  • room or manor, except if being situated at an eatery, bistro during feasts, drinks

  • wash hands every now and again, use hand sanitizer.

  • keep distance where conceivable


  • Completely immunized visitors (somewhere around 2 portions): permitted to travel anyplace inside Indonesia via air, ocean or land without being tried (fast or PCR).

  • Somewhat immunized visitors (a single shot) are expected to show an adverse outcome from a PCR test 72 hours before appearance.

  • Unvaccinated visitors: are expected to show adverse outcomes from a PCR test 72 hours before appearance and an assertion from a clinical expert that they can't get immunization. B2b Bali services

  • Youngsters under 6 years old: no testing is expected for however long they are going with a completely immunized watchman.

  • Every Indonesian area might have marginally various guidelines and guidelines connected with wellbeing conventions.

  • While leaving Bali, check what rules apply to venturing out back to your objective.

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