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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Your holiday in Bali is incomplete without visiting Tanjung Benoa beach,the beach is in southern peninsula,just north of five star enclave of Nusa Dua.It is famous for numerous water sport operators that continously draw adrenaline junkies to its tropical shoreline.The combination of golden sand and cosiderably calm waves make it an alternative tourism destination where you can have fun to enjoy maximum activities for marine sport .Things to do in bali indonesia .


Two separate kind of parasailing activities can be done- Single and double or Tandem- In single, one single person can fly whereas on double or Tandem 2-3 people can fly together.

Jet ski

A water sports activity that uses a motor vehicle in the water, like riding a motorcycle on the highway. According to Bali’s Water Sport safety regulations you must be accompanied by an instructor. An instructor will pilot the jet ski to a safe area for you to jump into the drivers seat and take the jet ski for a spin. One ride is about 15 minutes. You may want to extend to 30 minutes.

Before Jet Ski’s activity begins, the jet ski guide will give you instruction's about how to ride the jet ski such as introduction of machinery, throttle, brake, driving technique on the water, and measures taken so as to avoid a collision with fishing boats and other Jet Ski rider.

Banana ride
Banana Boat Ride

The Banana boat can accommodate six passengers and one professional guide. For one round, the duration is 15 minutes. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery on Tanjung Benoa beach with bright sunlight during the day. The professional guides who accompany you during banana boat Bali indonesia activity, are well-trained and experienced.

Flying fish
Flying Fish

Bali flying fish is a marine sports activity, which includes a rubber boat that looks like a real flying fish. Flying fish boat is a merger of three banana boats. Three people including the guide/instructor can accommodate this boat. This capacity is set to maintain balance while flying.

Rolling donut
Rolling Donut

Rolling donut ride, is also called Bali rolling donut. The boat can accommodate up to two or four people and pull by speedboats around the coast. The number of passengers on the right side and left side of the boat should be in equal numbers to keep the balance when a speedboat pulls the inflatable raft. The distance between inflatable rafts to speedboat is about five meters


Things to do in bali Snorkeling is an activity in which a person floats or swims above the sea level by using goggles with a snorkel or a funnel fitted with auxiliary breathing. Other equipment used in these activities is the frog’s leg shoes, wet suits or leotards which keep our bodies warm and protected from jellyfish stings and other marine animals. The snorkeling guide will take you into the middle of the sea with a motorized boat, prepared. For half an hour you can enjoy views of pristine coral reefs, a variety of marine plants, a variety of ornamental fish and other aquatic animals.

Scuba diving
Scuba Diving

Scuba diving, is one of the best water adventure activities to do in Bali for the enormous underwater world lovers. The island of Bali is a primary destination for scuba diving activities. The best dive site for scuba diving in Bali for beginners is Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. You will be guided on how to use diving equipment, like oxygen cylinders, diving suit, frog legs shoes, masks, and other stuff which meet the international diving equipment standard. You will be

also introduced how to swim, as well as breathing techniques for safety while diving in the ocean. One-person guide will accompany each scuba diver.

Sea walker
Sea Walker

Sea walk in Bali is also known as Bali marine walk which is one of the best water activities to do in Bali. While doing sea walk, participants will be using a masked helmet which contains water resistant clear glass. The helmet is fitted with pure oxygen for members breathing during sea walk activity. You can also use your glasses or contact lenses while doing this activity as the seawater will not leak and enter the helmet.

Once you are ready with the equipment the sea Walk guide will take you, dive into the sea floor on the bottom of the sea. While walking around the sea floor, you will be able to see various species of fish, marine plants and coral reefs.

Underwater scooter
Underwater Scooter

The best way to explore underwater life and some of the best coral reefs that exist around Bali is the underwater scooter. Those who never tried scuba diving are able to enjoy this unique experience.

underwater scooter adventure on Bali takes you on a ride for 25-minutes. Oxygen is injected straight into the helmet, so you can breathe easily underwater. Any special skills or gear is not required to operate the scooter.

Bali indonesia is one of the most popular among the people all around the world. An ideal place to have lot's of fun when you are underwater.

Bali is a land for adventure seekers and has lot of experiences to offer and if you are one of those thrill seekers you must opt to enjoy water sports in the blue water of Bali.

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