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Where to find Indian food in Bali ?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Bali has many Indian restaurants as well as street shops/ food stalls throughout the island!

Indian restaurant’s are even located in distant place's like Bedugul. In fact you would be surprised to know that we have a sunset dinner cruise called the Sky light cruise which has a Bollywood theme & also provides exclusive Indian cuisine food!

Indian cuisine food at Skylight dinner cruise

Seafood dishes shall be the best choice for non-vegetarian people as Bali has availability of many varieties of fresh fish & seafood which would taste luscious along with Indian Masalas!!!

Also, you will get all types of food like roti-subzi, soup’s, Biryani, Sweets, Desserts, Dal rice, Pulao’s, Papad, Bhelpuri, Samosa Chaat & more countless dishes.

Below are few handpicked Indian restaurants:

Queen’s of India, Kuta Queen’s of India, Ubud Queen’s Tandoor, Seminyak Bangle restaurant, Benoa Swaad of India, Kuta

Ganesha-Ek Sanskriti,Denpasar Ganesha-Ek Sanskriti, Ubud

Bollywood Indian cuisine restaurant, Seminyak Ananta Boga restaurant, Bedugul

Spice Mantraa Bali

Gateway of India

Roti Daal, Canggu Sitara Indian restaurant, Denpasar Kailash Parbat, Kuta

Queen's Tandoor, Seminyak

Tikka at Swaad of India

Paneer at Bangle Restaurant

Chicken Matka Biryani at the Queen's, Kuta

Samosa at the Queen's of India

If you are an individual willing to grab some Indian food in Bali, you have countless varieties !!

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